What Should A Female Doctor Know When Dating A Male Nurse?

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 dating a male nurse

Dating is the best option to meet a partner for many reasons – sexual attraction, temporary alliance or permanent relationship? When a female M.D starts dating a male nurse, she should know relevant facts about him!

Dating a female doctor is great

Recent research suggests that a patient treated by female doctor had slightly lower mortality and recovery rates than patients treated by male doctors. Her touch, like a mother’s is warm and comforting. Dating a female doctor is a great achievement as she is smart, endowed with positive qualities and being a team player with other people in her profession, she can get well with you, your family and friends. She is a good communicator, so you can be sure that you will communicate with each other excellently.

What about female doctors dating male nurses?

Why somebody’s profession is considered big deal in a relationship is a big question but this might be relevant for a relationship to work? However, it is still an important factor for a woman doctor to know things when dating a male nurse.

A male nurse is like any other working profession; although as a nurse, his rank is lower than a doctor. Your probably know that “macho” men are unwilling to go doctor dating as she has achieved more than him; academically or professionally so male nurses dating female doctors must have the courage and confidence in themselves.

Male nurses are just like any other professionals and there are four advantages worthwhile mentioning when they date female doctor: (i) being in the same work scenario, they are able to understand each other’s feelings and emotions, their difficult schedules and pains involved in their daily work; (ii) they are both good communicators as they talk with their patients professionally or as friends and such skill is good in a relationship; (iii) they can discuss common issues about health, diseases, other practices related to wellness; and (iv) nursing is a stable profession.

As a general rule, a nurse can handle difficult situations like death in the family; it is a nurse who can help you through it without falling apart as he has learned to stay calm in emotionally draining situations. This strong man is what you need by your side in hard times so do not have qualms in dating a nurse.

To be a nurse, one must have certain traits that bring him/her closer to humanity: so a male nurse is compassionate, caring, knowledgeable and capable; that is why he has successfully entered this hectic and demanding profession.

Nurses are attractive & physically fit persons so dating a male nurse is a good opportunity. A nurse may not be a regular gym goer or habitual jogger in the morning but keeps himself physically fit by running around the hospital to keep track of his duty.

Nurses have a healthy lifestyle; they stay in better shape and are clean. Any sexual encounter with a male nurse is safe and sound. Like any medical practitioners, they are aware of the importance of sexual health so they keep away from most vices.

A relationship knows no bound

A female doctor in relationship with male nurse will be learning more things about him in time. But a good relationship knows no boundary when it comes to gender, age, profession or color. You might think that dating a woman doctor places the male nurse at an edge; but both share the same advantages in the relationship!