Pros and Cons of Dating A Doctor

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 dating a doctor

When it comes to dating, apparently both male and female doctors have a difficult time on dating sites. That's why there are some dedicated doctor dating sites that present a great opportunity to people who are looking for dating a doctor and also to single doctors as well.

If you're looking for dating a doctor, it is really important to consider both the pros and cons of dating someone who is a surgeon or physician. In the movie ‘No strings attached,’ actress Natalie Portman plays the role of a female doctor and finds it difficult to give time to her relationships due to her tight schedule.

Pros of Dating a Doctor

There are some really tempting reasons that make dating a doctor a really exciting experience. For instance:

1)Doctors Are Smart

Becoming a doctor is not everyone’s cup of tea. They get where they are now by going through a lot of schooling. In fact, their profession requires a lot of sincerity, dedication and really good IQ. So, it is a win-win situation for you as you will be dating an intelligent person.

2)They Are Great Listeners

Thanks to their profession, they become really good listeners. This means that they won't interrupt or cut you during discussion or enforce their opinion. The good thing about dating a doctor is that he/she won’t grow tired of listening to you.

3)They Are Committed

As mentioned above, they get where they are now with the help of their dedication and resolute approach. They don't give up on anything so easily and it is a great sign because they won’t end dating you until or unless there is a genuine reason.

4)They are Not Too Clingy

Given that doctors are practical people and have busy schedules, they are not too clingy. They do not believe in suffocating a relationship with too much affection.

5)Single Doctors Are Strong and Independent

This is one of the main reasons why you should date a doctor. It is because they are confident and strong enough to handle their life problems. They are independent and strong-willed and this makes dating nurture in a more mature environment.

Cons of Dating a Doctor

We all have different personalities but dating can be affected by the profession of the other person. Dating a doctor comes with its own set of challenges:

1)The Problem of Time Constraints

Being in a medical field requires that it is his/her job to save lives or provide proper treatment to people in need. This means that he/she cannot be free over an extended period of time. It is true that doctors find it difficult to give time to their friends, family and even themselves.

2)A Doctor's Life Revolves around Their Profession

It is possible that most of your conversations will be about Operation Theater or even gross injuries of people. And yes, you might've to learn new medical words that are super complicated.

3)There will be Cancelled Dates

There are high chances that there will be last-minute canceled dates. Or worst case scenario can be that you date might leave you during the middle of a romantic dinner to attend his/her patients.

In general, the pros of dating a doctor outweigh the cons. If you can handle it, then it is highly recommended to start dating a doctor. If you are looking for doctors who are single, there are many doctor dating sites for you. Just keep in mind that you have to show some patience and remain persistent.